25 Years of Innovative Computing

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The 2014-2015 academic year marks ICL’s 25th year of Innovative Computing. To commemorate this milestone, ICL is hosting a 25th anniversary workshop on April 1st and 2nd, with a welcome reception on March 31st and a banquet on April 1st. The workshop will feature presentations from our former group members, and the reception and banquet are open to family and spouses. Jack and Sue Dongarra have also been gracious enough to host a farewell dinner at their house on April 2nd at 6:30PM. Details and agenda below.

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If you have access to Eduroam, please sign up before departing your home institution. This should be the simplest way to connect while on campus.

Dress Code

All events are casual so please be comfortable as long as you’re fully dressed!

Wear the shirt!

Wear the anniversary shirt on Wednesday and we’ll have a great group photo!

March 31, 2015

Check-in for out-of-town attendees

Hilton Knoxville, 501 West Church Avenue; Phone: 865-523-2300

Parking Garage entrance is on Clinch Avenue between Locust and Walnut.

Welcome Reception and Workshop Check-in, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Hilton Knoxville, Salon AB (“BR” level in elevator)

Heavy hors d’oeuvres and beverages are provided or you can have dinner on your own if desired. Note: For those at the reception who are not staying at the Hilton, please obtain a parking ticket for validation from Tracy before exiting the parking garage.

April 1, 2015

Breakfast and Workshop Check-in, 8:00AM – 8:50AM

UT Conference Center – 4th floor, Henley Street

If you’re staying at the Hilton, simply cross Locust Street and enter the conference building on the street level. If you’re driving, park in the Locust Street Garage (corner of Locust and Clinch) and the Conference Center is on the opposite corner. Bring your parking ticket for validation.

Once in the building, the elevators are all the way in the back. Take the elevators to the 4th floor.

Banquet, 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Neyland Stadium East Skybox, Gate 26

Join us for a barbeque buffet atop the UT football stadium. Happy Hour is 6-7PM and Dinner is served at 7PM. This is an indoor event but we will have access to the outdoor stadium seats, weather permitting.

If you’re staying at the Hilton, there will be a bus departing the Hotel from Walnut Street (exit at Starbucks) at 5:45. Boarding will begin at 5:30. The bus will return you to the hotel afterward. For those driving, park in the G-10 East garage between Thompson-Boling Arena and Neyland Stadium.

Exit from the 5th level and walk to the right under the stadium. Gate 26 will be the last gate on the right. Enter the door to the elevator. Assistance will be provided at that point.

Video Message for Nathan

At the Skybox, we will have a videographer recording messages for Nathan and Kelley Garner. Nathan has leukemia and will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant soon, so let them know you are thinking about them.

April 2, 2015

Breakfast, 8:00AM - 8:50AM

UT Conference Center - 4th floor, Henley Street

Farewell Dinner hosted by Jack and Sue, 6:30PM - 9:00PM

Dongarra Residence, 107 Claymore Lane, Oak Ridge, TN

A bus will depart the Hilton at 6PM, and bring you back to the hotel after the dinner. If you are driving, carpooling is encouraged when possible. Dinner is casual and is catered so there is no need to bring anything!

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Workshop Agenda

Tuesday, March 31st

6:00-8:00PM Reception at the Hilton
501 West Church Avenue

Wednesday, April 1st

UTK Conference Center (Henley St.)
8:00AM Breakfast provided at the Conference Center
8:50AM Welcome - Jack Dongarra Years at ICL
9:00AM Zhaojun Bai University of California, Davis 1989 1990
9:15AM Susan Blackford CSP, Inc. 1989 2001
9:30AM Brian Larose VMware 1989 1990
9:45AM Robert Manchek Stratus Technologies 1990 1996
10:00AM Adam Beguelin Sensr.net, Inc. 1991 1992
10:15AM Roldan Pozo NIST 1991 1993
10:30-11:00AM Coffee Break
Chair: George Bosilca
11:00AM Bernard Tourancheau Grenoble Alps University 1991 1994
11:15AM Richard Barrett Sandia National Labs, NM 1992 1994
11:30AM Shirley Moore University of Texas at El Paso 1993 2012
11:45AM Hidehiko Hasegawa University of Tsukuba 1994 1995
12:00PM Jaeyoung Choi Soongsil University 1994 1995
12:15PM Phil Mucci Minimal Metrics LLC 1994
12:30-1:15PM Lunch provided at the Conference Center
Chair: Piotr Luszczek
1:15PM Sven Hammarling University of Manchester 1995 1996
1:30PM Satomi Hasegawa Hitachi 1995 1996
1:45PM Graham Fagg Microsoft 1996 2006
2:00PM Kevin London Microsoft 1996 2005
2:15PM Martin Swany Indiana University 1996 1999
2:30PM Yves Robert ENS Lyon, INRIA and ICL 1996
2:45-3:00PM Coffee Break
Chair: Jakub Kurzak
3:00PM Jeff Horner Vanderbilt University 1997 1999
3:15PM Keita Teranishi Sandia National Labs, CA 1997 1998
3:30PM Francoise Tisseur University of Manchester 1997 1997
3:45PM Scott Wells NICS 1997 2010
4:00PM Dorian Arnold University of New Mexico 1998 2001
4:15PM Tomo Hiroyasu Doshisha University 2002 2003
5:45PM Bus from Hotel to Neyland Stadium
Bus pickup will be near Starbucks, Walnut St. Entrance
6:00PM Banquet at Neyland Stadium Skybox
East side of stadium Gate 26
9:00PM Bus back to Hotel

Thursday, April 2nd

UTK Conference Center (Henley St.)
8:00AM Breakfast provided at the Conference Center
Chair: Terry Moore Years at ICL
9:00AM Dave Cronk Lockheed Martin 1999 2010
9:15AM Paul Peltz NICS 1999 2013
9:30AM Ken Roche PNNL / U. Washington 1999 2004
9:45AM Micah Beck EECS, UTK 2000 2001
10:00AM Jeffrey Chen U of California, Riverside 2001 2006
10:15AM Dan Terpstra Living Waters for the World 2001 2014
10:30-11:00AM Coffee Break
Chair: Stan Tomov
11:00AM Tom Cortese NCSA 2002 2008
11:15AM Jeff Larkin NVIDIA 2002 2005
11:30AM Daisuke Takahashi University of Tsukuba 2002 2002
11:45AM Fengguang & Lan Song Indiana U-Purdue U Indianapolis 2003 2012
12:00PM Yusuke Tanimura AIST 2003 2003
12:15PM Daniel Lucio NICS 2005 2008
12:30-1:15PM Lunch provided at the Conference Center
Chair: Heike McCraw
1:15PM Peng Du Microsoft 2005 2012
1:30PM Teng Ma Amazon 2006 2012
1:45PM Marc Baboulin University Paris-Sud 2007 2008
2:00PM Bilel Hadri KAUST 2008 2009
2:15PM Pierre Lemarinier IBM Research 2008 2010
2:30PM Hatem Ltaief KAUST 2008 2011
2:45-3:00PM Coffee Break
Chair: Thomas Herault
3:00PM Rajib Nath Intel 2008 2010
3:15PM Donnie Newell Intel 2010 2010
3:30PM Dulceneia Becker Concepts NREC 2010 2012
3:45PM Mathieu Faverge Bordeaux INP 2010 2012
4:00PM Charles Collins JICS 2011 2013
4:15PM Julien Herrmann ENS Lyon 2012 2013
6:00PM Bus from Hotel to Jack’s house
9:00PM Bus from Jack’s house to Hotel

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Maps and Directions


Use the map below to navigate the reception, workshop, banquet, and accommodations located downtown and on campus.

Click here for a larger map.

Farewell Dinner

Jack and Sue Dongarra are hosting a farewell dinner for workshop attendees on Thursday, April 2nd. The dinner will be held at the Dongarra residence, located at 107 N Claymore Ln, Oak Ridge, TN.

Guests staying at the Hilton downtown will be bussed to and from the Dongarra residence for dinner. The bus leaves the hotel at 6PM and will depart the Dongarra residence at 9PM.

If you are driving to the dinner, a map and directions are available below or you can click here for a larger map.

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Confirmed Attendees

  1. Ahmad Ahmad
  2. Hartwig Anzt
  3. Dorian Arnold
  4. Marc Baboulin
  5. Zhaojun Bai
  6. Richard Barrett
  7. Micah Beck
  8. Dulceneia Becker
  9. Adam Beguelin
  10. Susan Blackford
  11. George Bosilca
  12. Aurelien Bouteiller
  13. Chongxiao Cao
  14. Jeffrey Chen
  15. Jaeyoung Choi
  16. Charles Collins
  17. Tom Cortese
  18. Sam Crawford
  19. Dave Cronk
  20. Anthony Danalis
  21. Tingxing Dong
  22. Jack Dongarra
  23. Peng Du
  24. David Eberius
  25. Brett Ellis
  26. Graham Fagg
  27. Mathieu Faverge
  28. Don Fike
  29. Teresa Finchum
  30. Mark Gates
  31. Damien Genet
  32. Amina Guermouche
  33. Bilel Hadri
  34. Azzam Haidar
  35. Sven Hammarling
  36. Hidehiko Hasegawa
  37. Satomi Hasegawa
  38. Blake Haugen
  39. Thomas Herault
  40. Julien Herrmann
  41. Tomo Hiroyasu
  42. Reazul Hoque
  43. Jeff Horner
  44. Yulu Jia
  45. Khairul Kabir
  46. Cindy Knisley
  47. Jakub Kurzak
  48. Jeff Larkin
  49. Brian Larose
  50. Tracy Lee
  51. Pierre Lemarinier
  52. Kevin London
  53. Hatem Ltaief
  54. Daniel Lucio
  55. Xi Luo
  56. Piotr Luszczek
  57. Teng Ma
  58. Robert Manchek
  59. Heike McCraw
  60. Shirley Moore
  61. Terry Moore
  62. Philip Mucci
  63. Rajib Nath
  64. Donnie Newell
  65. Thananon Patinyasakdikul
  66. Paul Peltz
  67. Jim Plank
  68. Roldan Pozo
  69. Tracy Rafferty
  70. Sangamesh Ragate
  71. Stephen Richmond
  72. Yves Robert
  73. Ken Roche
  74. David Rogers
  75. Brian Sheely
  76. Leighanne Sisk
  77. Fengguang Song
  78. Martin Swany
  79. Daisuke Takahashi
  80. Chunyan Tang
  81. Yusuke Tanimura
  82. Keita Teranishi
  83. Dan Terpstra
  84. Francoise Tisseur
  85. Stanimire Tomov
  86. Bernard Tourancheau
  87. Yaohung Tsai
  88. Scott Wells
  89. Wei Wu
  90. Ichitaro Yamazaki
  91. Asim YarKhan
  92. Haihang You
  93. Bryan Zachary

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