Announcing PAPI 5.4.3

PAPI 5.4.3 is now available.  

This release includes some new implementations of components and tools, some general enhancements, and a number of bug fixes.

New Implementations:

  • libmsr component: Using LLNL's libmsr library to access Intel RAPL (Running Average Power Limit) library adds power capping abilities to PAPI.
  • CUDA PC sampling: A new standalone CUDA sampling tool (papi_cuda_sampling) has been added to the CUDA component (components/cuda/sampling/) and can be used as a preloader to perform PC sampling on Nvidia GPUs which support the CUPTI sampling interface (e.g. Maxwell).
  • ARM Cortex A53 support: Event definitions added.


  • Added Haswell-EP uncore support
  • Initial Broadwell, Skylake support
  • Added a general CUDA example (components/cuda/test) that uses LD_PRELOAD to attach to a running CUcontext.
  • Added "-check" flag to papi_avail and papi_native_avail to test counter availability/validity, unifying previous flags.

Information about the bug fixes can be found in the release notes and the ChangeLogP543.txt documents.

Last but not least, a special Thank You goes out to all our collaborators and contributors!  This project would not be successful without your help!

The PAPI release can be downloaded from

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